Best Hike Japan

Japan is a small island country.

It is small, but is a mountainous country (filled) with natural beauty such as lush greenery and pure streams.

Visit Japan and feel closer to nature by walking in the mountain.

When you feel tired, stay at traditional Japanese inns and receive hearty hospitalities.

Soak in the hot spring and spend a healing time.

Enjoy tasty Japanese dishes, and learn Japanese culture and history.

We propose a trip with lasting memories in Japan... BHJ


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  • Mt. Kayagatake ( Minami-Kanto )

    no photos

    Mt. Kayagatake together with Mt. kanegatake looks like Yatsugatake Mountains, so local people called it as 'false Yatsug...

  • Mt. Hinata ( South Alps )

    Mt. Hinata

    Mt. Hinata is the mountain that even beginners and children can hike and see the great view of surrounding mountains fro...

  • Hello!

    I noticed the beauty of Japanese nature when I went to an English language school in the US. While staying the US, I enjoyed hiking at National Parks. I wanted visitors from different countries to have a good time here in Japan as I did in the US.