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Japan is a mountainous country.

    Mt. Kayagatake

  • no photosMt. Kayagatake together with Mt. kanegatake looks like Yatsugatake Mountains, so local people called it as 'false Yatsugatake' in the past. From the peak, great...[read more]
  • Mt. Hinata

  • Mt. HinataMt. Hinata is the mountain that even beginners and children can hike and see the great view of surrounding mountains from the peak. The best season for hiking i...[read more]
  • Mt. Miyanoura

  • yakushima-imageMt. Miyanoura is the higest mountain in Kyushu resion. It has twin peaks and the west peak is higher. The mountain top provides a 360-degree view and it offers ...[read more]
  • Mt. Kaimon

  • 開聞岳Mt. Kaimon is an individual mountain, located southern tip of the Satsuma Peninsula, rises 924 meters above sea level. It is a beautiful corn-shaped dormant vol...[read more]
  • Mt. Kirishima

  • The route statts with the smell of sulfur hung in the air. The field of vision is widely opened when you pass through bush area. The route is among volcanic lap...[read more]
  • Mt. Aso

  • asosan-imageMt. Aso is a general term of Mt. Taka, Mt. Neko, Mt. Naka, Mt. Eboshi and Mt. Kishima. The highest peak of Mt. Aso is Mt. Taka (Taka-dake). It is an active volc...[read more]
  • Mt. Sobo

  • Mt. Sobo, a beautiful triangle-shaped mountain rises 1756 meters above sea level, stands out conspicuously above others in Sobo Mountains. It is characteristic ...[read more]
  • Mt. Kuju

  • no photosMt. Kuju is the general term of mountains and it is also called the roof of Kushu region. Most of them are inactive volcanos covered with green fields. Cowberry...[read more]

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  • Hello!

    I noticed the beauty of Japanese nature when I went to an English language school in the US. While staying the US, I enjoyed hiking at National Parks. I wanted visitors from different countries to have a good time here in Japan as I did in the US.