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Mt. Akadake

Mt. Akadake - image
Name in Japanese: Akadake (赤岳)
Location: Nagano, Yamanashi
Elevation: 2,899 m

The primary peak of Alps-like appearance mountains

Mt. Akadake is the primary peak of Yatsugatake Mountains and located at the southern end. Yatsugatake Mountains is a massif measured 15 km from east to west and 30 km from north to south. The mountain scenery in the sounthern part is reminiscent of Alps while the northern part is a calm spaces with a primeval forest of Abies veitchii and lakes, like Northern Europe.


Mt. Akadake hike - image
There are several routes to Mt. Akadake. The route shown here is popular for hikers.

  1. Minoto-guchi route: 8 hours 35 minutes (20.3 km)

Sample route

Route: Minoto-guchi route
Distance: 20.3 km
Distance in elevation: 1,400 m
Difficulty during the best season: advance level
Season for hikers: early June to October

Route and estimated course time:
Yatsugatake-sanso -[1:00]- Minoto-sanso -[2:10]- Gyojya-goya -[via jizo ridge, 1:10]- Akadake-tenbouso -[0:30]- Mt. Akadake -[via Bunzaburo trail, 1:30]- Gyojya-goya -[1:30]- Minoto-sanso -[0:45]- Yatsugatake-sanso [8 hours 35 minutes]

It is an “approach” route to Gyojya-goya. The trail until Gtojya-goya is not tough but rather steep approach among trees. Many hikers encounter Japanese serow on the way to Gyojya-goya. From Gtojya-goya, as it is a steep rock ridge, there are steps, chain and ladders. Caution is required for inexperienced hikers. Akadake-tenbouso, a mountain hut on the mountain ridge, is a good rest stop on windy days. It takes about 30-40 minutes to the peak. Landscape for 360 degrees can be enjoyed on the mountaintop.

Stay on established trails and watch your footing, especially at overlooks and near drop-offs. Never throw or roll rocks because there may be hikers below.

Route map

sample hiking route of Mt. Akadake

marks on the map

Hiking report

It is not available yet.


Public transportation

  1. Yatsugatake-sanso: Chino station -(bus)- Minoto-guchi

Area information

Hot bath after hiking

Yatsugatake-sanso ( 八ケ岳山荘)
Fee: 500 yen/adult
Bathing time: TBC
Telephone: 0266-74-2728


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