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Records of 'family hike' are shown here, mainly. I hope those records can be helpful for less experienced hikers because we have chosen easier route for our daughter.

    Tsukuba-san Day Hike (01Oct2017)

  • "Gama" at Tsukuba-sanWe selected Otatsuishi course for the first time although it was the 10th hiking to Tsukuba-san. ...[read more]
  • Nasu-dake Day Hike (06Aug2017)

  • nasu-dakeNasu-dake is popular for hikers. It close to Nasu which is an attractive tourist place such as lots of onsen (hot spring), attractions and foods....[read more]
  • Senjyogahara Day Hike (23Jun2013)

  • Senjyogahara HikeSenjyogahara is a popular place for hikers and tourists because it is relatively easy to get there from Tokyo. Nature such as a moor and a river is enjoyable....[read more]
  • Akanagi-san Day Hike (09Jul2017)

  • Akanagi-yamaA record of Mt. Akanagi hike with my family. It was the season of Nikko day lilies at Kirifuri Kogen were at their best....[read more]
  • Nakimushi-yama Day Hike (18Jun2017)

  • Nakimushi-yama HikeNakimushi-yama is close to Tobu-Nikko station that means it is easy to get to the trailhead. Its hiking route/map was introduced by a railway company. Generally...[read more]
  • Akagi-san Day Hike (11Sep2011)

  • akagi-san day hike in 2011I planned to hike Akagi-san. Akagi-san seemed relatively easy to hike because the trail to Kurobi-san, the highest peak of Akagi-san, was a rather short distanc...[read more]
  • Mt. Fuji Hike (Day2-08Aug2013)

  • Day 2 of Mt. Fuji HikeMy daughter looked tired yesterday so I went to sleep early but I do not know if she sleep deeply. It was a mountain hut at the 8th station of Mt. Fuji. ...[read more]
  • Mt. Fuji Hike (Day1-07Aug2013)

  • Mt. Fuji Hike - Day 1My daughter and I wanted to hike Mt. Fuji before she graduated from kindergarten. Did she successfully step the most highest point of Japan? ...[read more]

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  • Hello!

    I noticed the beauty of Japanese nature when I went to an English language school in the US. While staying the US, I enjoyed hiking at National Parks. I wanted visitors from different countries to have a good time here in Japan as I did in the US.