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Mt. Fuji Hike (Day1-07Aug2013)

Mt. Fuji Hike - Day 1
Mt. Fuji (Fuji-san, 富士山): 3,776 meters, Yamanashi, Shizuoka prefecture

Hiking (Day 1)

My daughter and I wanted to hike Mt. Fuji before she graduated from kindergarten. We planned a few hikes for training before Mt. Fuji hike. Those training hikes were; a 2 day 1 night hike for Mt. Kumotori in order to walk a long distance, and a day hike to North Alps (to Mt. Yake and to Mt. Norikura) in order to refamiliarize ourselves to the elevation 3,000 meters. Did she successfully step the most highest point of Japan?

Double bunk

My daughter got up very early morning to take the first train. Her mother declined to hike Mt. Fuji because she always suffered from altitude disease when she hiked mountains of 3,000 metres high. She once climbed Mt. Fuji and remembered having an extremely difficult time due to altitude disease. It was the first time for my daughter and myself to hike Mt. Fuji. When waiting for a bus at Tokyo Station, looks like she had bigger pleasures than worries.

We walked Subashiri Route. I wanted to walk Yoshida route for her (because it is easier, I thought) but buses to Yoshida-guchi, the trailhead of Yoshida route, was full.
I wondered if she could walk this longer route.
“I’m fine.”
Her response with smile relieved me.

Subashiri-guchi trailhead
Subashiri-guchi, one of the main gates for Mt. Fuji hike
the trail is among trees
The trail started among trees. It was like a ‘green tunnel’.
It is a comfortable hike among trees
Although it became a bit steeper, it was a comfortable hike among trees.

After walking less than an hour, ‘green tunnel’ ended. forest limit, maybe.

Lake Yamanaka when we looked back
We saw Lake Yamanaka when we looked back.
Mt. Fuji
We saw Mt. Fuji ahead
walking the Subashiri Route
Blue sky and light green leaves felt nice.

We took a break at every mountain hut along the trail. My daughter slowed her walk. I thought she became tired from walking, got tired to get up very early morning, or she had altitude disease. I did not have an answer.
“Are you OK? If you feel bad or headache, we get beck to the trailhead.”
“I’m OK, dad. I feel tired but I don’t feel sick.”
“Fine. But, if you feel bad, tell me.”

take a break and have some sweets
My daughter took a break and had some sweets.

The sky was getting overcast. I thought the weather in the mountain changes easily again.

in the fog
Walking in the fog
rainbow spanning the sky
There was a rainbow spanning the sky

“I don’t wanna walk any more! Why this place is not the mountain hut we stay tonight?”
My daughter asked me pointing the mountain hut at 7th station. I booked a hut at the 8th station for the night.

She repeatedly asked me the same question from 6th station. I knew she was tired. She refused to go down but just wanted to arrive our hut as soon as possible.

almost there
We finally saw the mountain hut at the 8th staion.
she looked happy
My daughter was happy to arrive at the hut for tonight. Or, …
Double bunk
My daughter looked happy to chose the place to sleep on Double bunk.

Surprisingly, we were the first guest for the nigh,t although it took a long time to arrive here today.
“You can choose the place wherever you want to sleep tonight.” The inn keeper told us.
“I wanna sleep on the double bunk. It’s my dream.” My daughter looked happy.

Route & Time for Day1

Hike date: August 7, 2017
Members: Family (farther and 5-year-old daughter)
Course time:
10:00 Subashiri-guchi – 11:11 6th station – 11:50 original 6th station 11:57 – 13:02 7th station 13:23 – 15:03 mountain hut (Edoya) [5 hours 3 minutes]

Subashiri-guchi (trailhead of Subashiri Route)
[1] Trailhead of Subashiri Route. Restroom is available here.
path starts among trees
[2] The trail starts among trees but it is not so long.
at 6th station
[3] There are mountain huts at each station. Pay toilet is available in the huts.
no large trees
[4] There are a few hikers walking Subashiri Route even in the high season.

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