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Mt. Tanzawa

Mt.Fuji view from Mt. TanzawaName in Japanese: Tanzawa-san (丹沢山)
Location: Kanagawa
Elevation:2,057 m

A mountain with beech forest is popular for hikers in the Tokyo metropolitan area

The highest peak of Tanzawa Mountains is not Mt. Tanzawa but Mt. Hirugatake that is located in central part of the Mountains. Although it closes to the Tokyo metropolitan area, it is a deep mountain that requires staying in the mountain. It is popular for hikers as it allows to hik all seasons. The routes and mountain huts are in good condition.


There are many routes to Mt. Tanzawa. Three routes shown below are examples of major ones.

  1. Okura Ridge route: Okura to Tanzawa-san (9 hrs 20 mins, 17 km)
  2. Ensui Bridge route: Ensui Bridge to Tanzawa-san (6 hrs 30 mins, 13 km)
  3. Yabitsu Pass route: Yabitsu to Mt. Tanzawa (8 hrs 10 mins, 20 km)
Tanzawa hiking route map
marks on the map

Sample route

Route: Okura (trailhead) –> Mt. Tanzawa
Distance (round trip): 17 km
Distance in elevation: 1,237 m
Difficulty during the best season: intermediate level
Season for hikers: April to November

Route and estimated course time:
Okura -[1:30]- Komadome-chaya -[1:50]- Mt. Tonodake -[1:10]- Mt. Tanzawa -[1:20]- Mt. Hirugatake -[1:10]- Mt. Tanzawa -[0:50]- Mt. Tonodake -[2:00]- Okura [9 hours 20 minutes]

This is a popular route for hikers as lots of hikers head to Mt. Tonodake as well as Mt. Tanzawa. This is a ridge route. Good view during hiking is expected due to few trees but strong sun makes hikers tired in summer. In summer season, Mt. Tanzawa is known for leech. The route is a gentle slope and is in good condition. There are chains and rocks between Mt. Tanzawa and Mt. Hirugatake (highest peak of Tanzawa mountains).
Note: There are lots of land leeches in summer season. Please take thorough measures.

Stay on established trails and watch your footing, especially at overlooks and near drop-offs. Never throw or roll rocks because there may be hikers below.

Hiking report

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Area information

Hot bath after hiking

Kobo-no-yu (弘法の湯)
Fee: 800 yen/adult/2 hours
Bathing time: 10:00-21:00
Telephone: 0463-69-2641


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