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Thank you for visiting my site “Best Hike Japan”.

Japan is a small island country. It is small, but is a mountainous country filled with natural beauty such as lush greenery and pure streams. I propose a trip with lasting memories in Japan.

This website (BHJ) is planned and developed in the hope of foreigners’ satisfaction with natural experience in Japan. Almost all the hiking routes shown here have been walked or planned to be walked near future by my family.

I wish information here is of help for foreign visitors who plan to hike Japanese mountains.

[Please note]
Some information of this site is not the latest one. Since this site is run by one person (myself), I do not have enough time to update information timely. When you plan a hike, please check and confirm the latest information by local sightseeing offices.

I will continue to update new information including hot springs, tourists attractions, Japanese culture. I will also rewrite the updated information at the same time.

It would be appreciated if you have any suggestions or information that I do not know. I would try to make the site more useful.

[introduce myself]
By the way, my self-introduction was late. I am a pharmacist. I am a farther of a daughter. I used to work for pharmaceutical companies and be in charge of planning and conducting clinical trials. Now, I work for a writer to prepare manuscript of medical paper and also, I have a part time job.

I went to an English language school in the US in 1994. During my stay there, I visited many National Parks in the Western part of the US (such as Grand Canyon NP, Arches NP, Yosemite NP and Rocky Mountain NP). Those parks were so nice. I enjoyed hiking with my friends there. After I came back to Japan, I noticed the beauty of Japanese nature. I wanted foreign visitors to have a good time here in Japan as I enjoyed American National Parks.

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    I noticed the beauty of Japanese nature when I went to an English language school in the US. While staying the US, I enjoyed hiking at National Parks. I wanted visitors from different countries to have a good time here in Japan as I did in the US.