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Mt. Yake

Mt. Yake (Yakedake) - image
Name in Japanese: Yake-dake (焼岳)
Location: Nagano, Gifu
Elevation: 2,455 m

The sole live volcano in North Apls

Mt. Yake, located in a gateway to Kamikochi, is the only live volcano in North Apls and hiking was prohibited by 1990. Its reddish brown, rough shape seen from Kappabashi bridge is impressive. It is a popular mountain as one of the closest mountain from a famed tourist spot, Kamikochi. Hiking to Mt. Yake, however, requires physical strength and discreet as the route is steep.


Mt. Yake (Yakedake) hike - image
There are several routes to Mt. Yake. Two routes shown here are examples.

  1. From Kamikochi: 6 hours 50 minutes (10.5 km)
  2. Shin-Nakanoyu route: 5 hours 20 minutes (5.8 km)

Sample route

Route: From Shin-Hotaka Onsen
Distance: 10.5 km
Distance in elevation: 934 m
Difficulty during the best season: intermediate level
Season for hikers: late June to October

Route and estimated course time:
Kamikochi -[0:20]- Yakedake trailhead -[2:30]- Yakedake-goya -[1:10]- Mt. Yake (north peak) -[0:40]- Yakedake-goya -[1:50]- Yakedake trailhead -[0:20]- Kamikochi [6 hours 50 minutes]

This is the shortest route to the peak of Mt. Yake. The first half of the route is among a coniferous forest. Then, it becomes a scree slope. The peak of Mt. Yake is soon after passing a lava dome that rising steam. Fine view of North Alps is expected from the peak.

Stay on established trails and watch your footing, especially at overlooks and near drop-offs. Never throw or roll rocks because there may be hikers below.

Route map

sample hiking route of Mt. Yake

marks on the map

Hiking report

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Public transportation

  1. From Kamikochi: Matsumoto station -(bus)- Shin-shimashima -(bus)- Kamikochi
  2. Shin-Nakanoyu route: Matsumoto station -(bus)- Shin-shimashima -(bus)- Nakanoyu Onsen

Area information

Hot bath after hiking

Nakanoyu Onsen (中の湯温泉)
Fee: 700 yen/adult
Bathing time: 12:00-17:00
Telephone: 0263-95-2407


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