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Nakimushi-yama Day Hike (18Jun2017)

Nakimushi-yama Hike
Mt. Nakimushi (Nakimushi-yama, 鳴虫山): 1,103.5 meters, Tochigi prefecture


I planned Ozegahara Hike on Saturday but I had to cancel it because my daughter had fever in the evening of Friday. She got well on Saturday and we agreed to go hiking on Sunday. Unfortunately, it would be cloudy on Sunday according to weather forecast, we decided to hike Nakimushi-yama instead of Ozegahara. There were lots of trees on the mountaintop area of Nakimushi-yama that means, I believed, a good view from the peak was not expected even in a sunny day. In addition, I thought Nakimushi-yama hike was easy because its hiking route/map was introduced by a railway company. Generally, easy hiking courses are introduced by railway companies.

Roots of trees

an avenue of cryptomerias
An avenue of cryptomerias on the way to Nikko from Utsunomia

We started off at dawn in order to secure a space at the parking lot close to Nikko Toshogu shrine (a world heritage). I intended to take my daughter there after hiking, if she desired. In other words, the parking lot is 30 minutes away from the trailhead, we had to move there before walking the mountain path.

Shinkyo bridge (a world heritage)
Shinkyo bridge (a world heritage) is located along a main road.
walking the  Nakimushi-yama trail
Walking in a cryptomeria forest.

There are many ups and downs on the route. In other words, there are many mountains/peaks on the trail. The first major peak was Knonosu-yama.

view from Konosu-yama
Nyotai-san (Mt. Nyotai) form Konosu-yama. The view was not so good, as I thought.

From Konosu-yama, roots of trees on the trail become much noticeable. It became difficult to walk occasionally, instead.

roots of trees
There were roots of trees on the trail that made difficult to walk.
before going up small peak
There were lots of small peaks like this.
at Mt. Nakimushi
The view was not good at the peak of Nakimushi-yama, as well.

There were lots of roots on the trail on the descent route. As the routes and soil were wet due to yesterday’s rainfall, it was sometimes slippy. And, what is worse, some part of the trail looked suffering from neglect.

“Dad, I do not think it is a good hiking course for beginners. You have to write it in the hiking report” said my daughter. (I did it as you said.)

This part of the trail was suffering from neglect..
This part of the trail was suffering from neglect..
steep steps
This steep step was good in condition, though.

We carefully walked down the slope but my daughter and my wife did slip and fall several times. They were not hurt, just feltn on his or her buttocks.

Narabi-Jizo (stone statue)
Narabi-Jizo (stone statue)
Kanmangafuchi  Abyss
Kanmangafuchi Abyss

At Kanmangafuchi Abyss, a lady called somebody and said “There was a long line to buy tickets of Toshogu shrine, like Disney Land. I gave up”.
As we heard it, we stopped to go to Toshogu shrine as well as Kegon Fall.
We met only two people during the Nakimushi-yama hike. It was a quiet vacation in the mountain. We did not want to go to a crowded place after the hiking

Route & Time

Hike date: June 18, 2017
Members: Family (farther, mother and 9-year-old daughter)
Course time:
6:49 parking lot – 6:54 Shinkyo bridge – 7:25 trailhead of Nakimushi-yama – 8:08 Konosu-yama 8:18 – 9:16 Nakimushi-yama 9:26 – 10:16 Doppyo – 11:08 Kanmangafuchi Abyss – (My daughter played on the swings in a park for a while) – 11:38 parking lot [4 hours and 49 minutes]

trailhead of Nakimushi-yama
[1] Trailhead of Nakimushi-yama. See ‘Nakimusi-yama hiking course map‘ to get there.
view from Konosu-yama
[2] Unfortunately, best view of the course is from Konosu-yama, like this.
roots of trees on the trail
[3] Nakimushi-yama is known for the roots of trees on the trail.
This part of the trail was suffering from neglect.
[4] The trail was suffering from neglect in some parts.
underpass of expressway
[5] It is the underpass of expressway.
Narabi-Jizo (stone statue)
[6] Narabi-Jizo (stone statue)

Access using public transportation

public transportation to Nakimushi-yama
Public transportation to Nakimushi-yama

Area Information

Hot bath after hiking

hot bath - image

500 yen/adult
TEL: 0288-53-6611
1.5 km walk from
underpass of expressway



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