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Akagi-san Day Hike (11Sep2011)

akagi-san day hike in 2011
Mt. Akagi (Akagi-san, 赤城山): 1,828 meters, Gunma prefecture


I planned to hike Akagi-san. Akagi-san seemed relatively easy to hike because the trail to Kurobi-san, the highest peak of Akagi-san, was a rather short distance from trailhead. Besides, I wanted to take pictures from a good photo spot around ‘Nekoiwa’…

In the fog

There were two unexpected occurrences before hiking. The road to the trailhead was closed due to a bike race. Such Information was not shown in the website of local government, Maebashi City, when I checked it the day before the hike. We drove around this way and that, not knowing which road was opened for cars. As the result, we spent 1 hour and half before hiking. The second unexpected thing was a weather forecast. It should have been a sunny day but it was raining before arriving at the parking space.

a bike race
A bike race was held using the main approach road to Akagi-san.
started hiking in the fog
We started hiking in the fog.
walk in the fog
Visibility was poor owing to the fog.

After about 1 hour walking, we were on a mountain ridge continuing to Mt. Komagatake and Mt. Kurobi. The fog blotted out mountains we were heading.

in the fog
The fog made the mountains invisible.

The thick fog was thinning after passing Mt. Komagatake.

Mt. Kurobi
The fog was thinning and we could see Kurobi-san in front.
walking on the trail
We didn’t lost. we were on the ridge route.
the peak of Akagi-san (Kurobi-san)
The peak of Kurobi-san (the highest peak of Akagi-san).

We finally arrived at the peak of Akagi-san. It took 2 hours and 45 minutes while estimated time was 2 hours and 15 minutes according to a guide book. It was not bad because my daughter was 3 years old. She did her best, I think, as always.

From Krobi-san, I went down to ‘Nekoiwa’ to take pictures. ‘Nekoiwa’ is a good photo spot for Jizo-dake with Lake Onuma and Akagi Shrine. My daughter and my wife went back to the trailhead (Komagatake tozanguchi). I had to go down to ‘Nekoiwa’, then had to go up to Kurobi-san again and run my family after later.

Mt. Jizo with Lake Onuma and Akagi Shrine
Mt. Jizo with Lake Onuma and Akagi Shrine. (photo taken from around ‘Nekoiwa’)
Mt. Akagi
I had to walk up again to the peak.

I could not catch up with my family on the trail. When I met them at the parking lot, they ate ice cream.
“Dad, you are too late. As a penalty, you can’t eat ice cream.”

Route & Time

Hike date: September 11, 2011
Members: Family (farther, mother and 3-year-old daughter)
Course time:
9:45 Komagatake tozanguchi (trailhead) – 10:48 on the mountain ridge (had light meal) 11:01 – 11:12 Mt. Komagatake – 12:30 Mt. Kurobi
My daughter and my wife: 12:45 Mt. Kurobi – 14:32 Komagatake tozanguchi [4 hours and 47 minutes]
Myself (farther): 12:40 Mt. Kurobi – 13:03 around ‘Nekoiwa’ 13:13 – 13:45 Mt. Kurobi 13:48 – 14:55 Komagatake tozanguchi

Komagatake trailhead
[1] Komagatake and Kurobi-san tozanguchi to be exact.
there are lots of steps on the trail
[2] There are lots of steps on the trail.
a path on the mountain ridge
[3] The trail is in good condition for walking.
the merging points of trails
[4] The merging points of trails from Kurobi-san tozanguchi and Komagatake tozanguchi. It is 200 meters apart from the peak.

Access using public transportation

Area Information

Hot bath after hiking

hot bath - image

Fujimi Onsen
510 yen/adult
TEL: 027-230-5555
in front of the bus stop


Akagi Shrine

Akagi Shrine
Unknown when
it was established
Moved the current
location in 806



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