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Mt. Sobo

Name in Japanese: Sobo-san (祖母山)
Location: Oita
Elevation: 1,756 m

A mountain with a primeval forest and fierce rocky peaks

Mt. Sobo, a beautiful triangle-shaped mountain rises 1756 meters above sea level, stands out conspicuously above others in Sobo Mountains. It is characteristic of steep rocky peaks, deep valleys and a green primeval forest. It is known as a mountain to gods since, according to Japanese mythology, gods descended at Mt. Sobo.


  1. From Obira: 8 hours (10.2 km)

Sample route

Route: From Obira
Distance: 10.2 km
Distance in elevation: 1,166 m
Difficulty during the best season: intermediate level
Season for hikers: March to November

Route and estimated course time:
Obira –[1:20]- One-tritduki (2nd station) –[1:30]- Miyahara –[1:20]- Mt. Sobo –[1:00]- Tengu-iwa branch –[2:00]- One-tritsuki (on Kuroganeyama ridge) –[0:50]- Obira [8 hours]

The trail to Miyahara is among trees. Mountaintop and the shape of Mt. Sobo can see from a rock ridge called Umanose, which is between Miyahara and Mt. Sobo. Good view is expected from the peak. There is no dangerous point on the route but it is slippery in some parts due to a clayish earth.

Stay on established trails and watch your footing, especially at overlooks and near drop-offs. Never throw or roll rocks because there may be hikers below.

Route map

sample hiking route of Mt. Sobo

marks on the map

Hiking report

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Public transportation

  1. Obira: Bungo-Takeda station -(community bus, or taxi)- Obira

Area information

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