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Mt. Shibutsu

Mt. Shibutsu

Name in Japanese: Shibutsu-san (至仏山)
Location: Gunma
Elevation:2,228 m

A mountain famouns for abounding in alpine plants and flowers

Mt. Shibutsu has a gentle shape opposite to Mt. Hiuchigatake which is confronted across Ozegahara. It was not shaped by eruption but uphaveing an ocean floora. Alpine flowers blooming in large numbers on the mountaintop and a marvelous view delight the eye. It is prohibited to hike Mt. Shibutsu in May and June to protect alpine plants.


There are two routes to Mt. Shibutsu, enerally. Below is one of them

  1. Hatomachi-toge to Mt. Shibutsu
marks on the map
Stay on established trails and watch your footing, especially at overlooks and near drop-offs. Never throw or roll rocks because there may be hikers below.

Sample route

Route: From Hatomachi-toge
Distance (round trip): 10.6 km
Distance in elevation: 821 m
Difficulty during the best season: intermediate level
Season for hikers: July to October
Route and estimated course time:
Hatomachitoge -(0:50)- Yamanohana -(2:15)- Mt. shibutsu -(0:20)- Mt. Koshibutsu -(1:20)- Hatomachitoge [4 hopur and 45 minutes in total]
A part of the mountain is consisted of serpentine and it makes slippy especially in rainy days. Due to this slippy route, it is not allowed to walk down to Yamanohana from the peak of Mt. Shibutsu.

Hiking report

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Public transportation to Mt. Shibutsu
Public transportation to Shibutsu

Area Information

Hot bath after hiking

hot bath - image

500 yen/adult
TEL: 0278-58-7263
Close to Hatomachi-toge
bus Renrakusho


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